Thursday, 2 April 2009

Glaciers, Cowshit and Headway.

Hey everybody, just a brief update. I’m still in New Zealand and have managed some degree of productivity, so I’ll hopefully be able to share some of my new work with you soon.

The immediate news is that some of my ink works are going on display at the Flagstaff Gallery in Devonport, Auckland, next week to coincide with the Rudolf Boelee exhibition they are running. There are also a number of paintings I have just finished of my travels thus far, the fate of which is yet to be decided, but I’ll keep you posted on that.

I do realise that for most of you this is waaay out of reach to get to, but if you happen to find yourself in Auckland, get on the ferry and wander up Victoria road in Devonport, the place has a lazy kind of buzz to it.

The gallery URL is for those who are interested.

Right, I’ll leave you to it. Take care and look after yourselves.



(Click this bad boy for the full view...)

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