Monday, 22 September 2008

SitRep, Shmitrep.

Hey everybody. With Heads of State ducking out before completion of their tenure and similar such behaviour, we have decided to go against the grain and take LONGER with what we need to do. This is naturally not by choice, but that's how it's gonna be, I'm afraid.
What I am dancing around is the fact that the inaugural group show in which I will be participating at Salon 91 Contemporary Art Collection in Kloof str(CT) will be held back. A bit.
Basically shows have been shuffled around, thus another show will technically launch the gallery with the group show to follow. After this it will be MY turn for a solo exhibition if I don't succumb to fatigue in the meantime.
I began work in ernest(horrible, unintended pun)on saturday September 20th blocking six paintings and I have just bought another trunkful of canvas with more to come in a weeks' time, so things will get rough, but hopefully the result will be worth it and i wil be alive to see it.
I'll hassle all you good folk closer to the relevant dates.

In the meantime take care and give 'em hell as best you can.

If you have any further queries, you can get hold of me through the site, and the gallery site here:

See y'all later!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Those are the breaks.

Ahoy there.

I just got word that my work is going up on Juxtapoz's reader art
section tomorrow, so check it out at

They post a new artist's work every day, so it'll trickle down the
ranks as time passes.

Two seperate things happening is that I'm going to be showing a little
something on friday night(12 sept) at the Klein Libertas in
Stellenbosch during Ms Beckmann's show, so anyone interested in some
great music and hopefully a not-too-disastrous bit of visual art,
please come check it out (BOOKING ESSENTIAL 021 8838164). I'm
currently busting my ass on it, so don't believe my hype, cos I have
none. But going to be another brilliant show, knowing her.

Secondly is the opening of Salon 91 Contemporary Art Collection in
Kloof Street later this month, it's opposite Arnold's, so all you
souls in town should check it out during the routine hangover
breakfasts I know you're prone to. The date is not locked yet, but
I'll be sure to let you know when i have it verified, wicked locale

Right, for now i'll leave you guys in peace, seeing as i have a big
sheet with very little ink on it in front of me and it needs to get
covered, so i'll get to it.

Take care of yourselves wherever you are and whatever you're up to.

And remember to click the link!