Monday, 28 November 2011

So. Long.

And like that, they were gone.

We're off into the wild blue yonder, so the next communiqué will be from a significantly different neck of the woods. Hopefully this will be what we call a fruitful exercise.

The past two years in Cape Town have been very eventful and also very challenging. It's been tough saying goodbye, but I'm also looking at a clean slate and a brave new world to be explored over in Sydney. I'll be back in SA soon enough, but for now, there's a trail to be blazed!

Watch this space.


Thursday, 10 November 2011


Well, things are afoot in this Failed State as I approach my impending professional exile. I am packing up my life for a move to Sydney, which is both painful and hopeful, as a clean slate awaits me there. I'll elaborate on this at a later stage, but for now, it's the last round of goodbyes which will no doubt take their toll before the end, but as a wise man once said, This Too Shall Pass.

So let's leave our collective comfort zones and go find some interesting shit, because it's invariably there where you can't see it.


ps: In a last spurt of local fervor, I've been seeing some great nooks and crannies of Southern Africa, so take a look!