Thursday, 23 April 2009

Another day at the office. But never really.

Today I’m beginning to tackle the mountain of work I have before me. This is in terms of getting all my ducks in a row and digitizing everything I’ve produced thus far during my stay in New Zealand. It’s been a frenetic few months and several thousand kilometers traveled (not counting flights!) have lead to a number of sketchbooks riddled with ink and watercolour(bit of a mess, but I’m still learning) as well as an exhibition and a few paintings for friends.

This is just summing up what has already been done. What this trip has also accomplished is to fill my head with such a vast number of ideas and projects to be tackled that I am itching to start, so soon it will be a whole new chapter in terms of what mess I’ll be spewing forth, so sit tight.

Below I’m posting a series of photos form a morning spent painting on Baylys Beach in Northland. The piece was done as a wedding present for my mate Adam in Waihue. It took about two hours to complete and in the end I had to stop, because with the changing light I kept adapting the painting and at that rate I would simply have been painting all day and ended up with a sunset!





More will follow, there’s a lot to show!

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