Friday, 21 November 2008

Counting Down once more...

Well, it's just under a month before the launch of my solo show which i've spent the last number of months sweating blood over, os let's hope it's been worth it. I just wrapped up the last work on monday, making it almost three months to the day after i commenced this marathon, but it's done now and the smaller processes like getting everything framed and hung are now lying ahead.

In the meantime we've locked the date for the launch, so if you guys can make it, please join us on the seventeenth, it's gonna be good! It's at Salon91 in kloof street opposite Arnold's, but I'll put together an updated flyer...

Take care


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

State of affairs

Right, we are eagerly awaiting the opening of Salon91's first group show on thursday 06 November, it has been a long time coming and should be pretty impressive for all the diverse work that will be on display.

Salon1 Invite

In the meantime things are churning along for my solo show which looks set to launch on 17 December. I began a painting marathon on 20 September and finished this past monday, being the third of November, so needless to say i'm somewhat sick of the smell of turpentine, but there will be no rest for the wicked and there's some more, interesting, work to be done, so I'm not quite out of the woods yet.

On that note i'll leave you to whatever you're up to while i go ply my trade and i sincerely hope to see you guys at the gallery on thursday.

Take care!