Friday, 1 June 2012


This is the latest piece I did for the local Ozcomics comp, the subject being The Punisher. Since a number people have asked, I figured I might share some brief notes on the process. Below is the rough layout sketch, which I then fleshed out on Bristol board in red pencil before proceeding to ink the sucker.

Here are all my sticks, from the colour clutch pencil and Pentel brush pen to the dipping pens I use. There is a standard generic steel nib, a Gillott 303, which is a hardy, versatile little guy, and the fancy glass pen is a wonderful new acquisition of mine. It gives a very consistent line, not unlike a roller ball, but in the same ink you happen to be using for all the work. The fine-tipped rolled ball is what I have in my pocket at all times and was used for the layout sketch. I use Pebeo Indian ink, which is the most versatile I've ever encountered, and I've tried a lot of ink!

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