Tuesday, 30 August 2011

In with the Old, Out with the New

One goes out, another comes in. 

I had the painting below framed for a buyer and incidentally had the ink piece below returned to me on the same day, which was a pleasant suprise. The ink drawing was part of my solo debut in 2008 and it's great having such a nicely framed piece back in the house. We hardly have any ink work on the walls, because oil paintings can by hung as-is, whereas drawings need to be mounted or framed, which itsn't cheap! It's cool being able to share it. All the other ink works from that exhibition can be seen at the Robertson Small Hotel in, well, Robertson. Nice little place.
Thanks to Framed Master Gilders and Framers in Woodstock. They did the framing on both pieces and as usual, they did an awesome job!  

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