Monday, 10 May 2010

Both ends.

I’ve been keeping my head down the past week working on my digital illustration portfolio, so hopefully over the next week or two I can put those images up.

I also burned the midnight oil good style last night wrapping up my submissions for Semi-Permanent, a pretty big Australian Design Conference in the vein of Design Indaba here in SA. I got to bed at six this morning after sending the files off and was woken from my coma by the Noon Gun to find an email notifying me of my inclusion on the annual Semi-Permanent book! In Cape Town this process of responding would take weeks, so I’m most grateful for the diligent souls in the world outside our haze of blue bong-smoke (which outsiders mistakenly refer to as smog.) for being quick on the draw.

Here is a link to the conference site and the five images I submitted. The middle one was chosen for inclusion and you can view higher res versions on my Concept Art thread here.

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