Thursday, 15 April 2010


Well, here some small developments on my somewhat inconspicuous quest for world domination.

On a technical note (this will undoubtably mean little to you guys, except for us geeks), I've managed to have what some alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity regarding the use of layer blending in Photoshop. This lightswitch being flipped has allowed me to produce more complex pieces with much less hassle and head-scratching. So productivity is looking good. Now it's workworkwork to get the overall game up. The images below are some very fast pieces employing this layering. Hopefully improvements will be evident in the near future.

Ons a shoutout note, I have come across some awesome work and handy sites, for those interested in art and the broader industry, so here are some links.

Veronique is a French artist and illustrator. Her work is nuts and a total breath of fresh air, so check it out. Awesome variety, which I always appreciate.

Secondly is the site which has all sorts of information regarding the comic industry and peripheral goings-on. Something that makes this site stand out though, is the downloadable podcast conversations they have with various artists ranging from comic artists, illustrators to fine artists and people working in the film industry. So if you're as ravenously curious about our industry as i am, then this is an invaluable source of shared experience.

And lastly, I have just sent off a bunch of press stuff (images mostly) to be featured in the upcoming issue of ImagineFX, a UK-based science fiction and fantasy art magazine. I'll make more noise about this closer to the publication date.

Pardon the waffle. Here's some art.

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