Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Brave new something...

Well, I know things have been a tad quiet on the blog front, but that generally means thing are going nuts on the work side of things and this is indeed the case. But progressing well and about to start a new set of paintings for the Cultivaria festival in Paarl next month. Haven't had a committed set of exhibition work since I was in New Zealand earlier this year, so it'll be good to get back on that particular horse.
There are other rumblings on the music front, but more of that later, but the rest of the year looks to be a crazy time, so tag along and enjoy the ride!

Oh, these pics are ridiculously short scribbles in my new educational endeavour, getting to grips with the digital side of things, so wish me luck with that. Or at least let's hope I have time to knuckle down and sharpen up, cos this has loads of potential for growth like some dodgy employment ad.

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