Monday, 1 June 2009

Dangerous New Weapons.

Well, to my dismay I have just created a pretty nice pic with shocking ease. How? Photoshop of course. This isn't some altered photo, although a photo was used as reference(don't ask about its origins).

Now for anyone who paints realism the hard way(and by this i mean the RIGHT way), you wil know the amount of painful thought that sometimes goes specifically into figuring out the correct colours. This problem is straight out the window when an eyedropper tool and a digital photo is handy and the rest is history. Looking at so much mind-blowing digital work out there, I still can't help but wonder how many of these artists could actually cut the mustard if you gave them a pencil or a brush. Moral high ground perhaps, but being able to pay the rent at the end of the day is what matters, so i suppose the means aren't quite as relevant when you're doing it for a living. But a hundred years down the line, a painting will still be a painting, but we all know transitory digital can be.

PS: And if push comes to shove and the world ends, at least we can burn paintings for heat.

Here's the product:

From Work

And don't worry, most of my work is still old school messy and stinking of turpentine.

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