Friday, 10 October 2008

Fits and starts.

But hopefully this time we can the damn thing to start playing!

I'm screening my short film Inevitability at Klein Libertas tonight and hopefully it won't fuck up again, but things are significantly more streamlined this time round. I have learned a lot in the process of producing this piece, which is always rewarding and does light the way forward, especially seeing as i had to delve back into my training as animator.
The vague notions of 3D animating did come back surprisingly clear(thanks to the fact that i didn't do away with my notes!) and made the whole process fairly painless if not entirely stress-free. This, coupled with having to edit the piece myself has helped me refresh a lot of buried knowledge and takes on a whole new guise when seen with the perspective of experience gained along the way from forgetting something to remembering it again.

So who knows how all this might be applied in the future...

And amid all this rediscovery I am still working furiously on my solo show which is coming up in little over a month, so things are ploughing forward full tilt, but the less said about that the better, I prefer to let my work do the talking.

Now back to work!


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