Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Inching forward

I have just finished two significant paintings for the inaugural exhibition at Salon 91 contemporary art collection in Cape Town. That however, me being me, does not mean a cessation of hositlities between myself and The Work, but rather an opportunity for renewed effort as I begin working on several new tasks and continue a number of other hefty ones. The details of what these sets entail may be disclosed a bit later, but i'm not one to ruin a work in its infancy with unneccesary hype, so do excuse me for being so cagey.

A cover for Something Wicked Magazine is also in development, which will be a surprise for all, myself included, no doubt.

Dates for the upcoming exhibitions should be confirmed shortly, which generally means the shit will strike the proverbial fan in terms of getting a LOT done in an very limited timeframe, but we love a little pressure, eat it for breakfast.

I'll shut up and get on with it now, but more information will be forthcoming.

Take care.


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